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Years of trial results over a period of 46 years, show that aldicarb applied at planting, is still the gold standard, to which other treatments are compared. It typically outperforms seed treatments, particularly under heavy thrips pressure. Studies comparing aldicarb (formerly sold as Temik) have proven longer residual early season pest control, greater plant vigor, higher boll set (in cotton) and generally increased yields across all registered crops.

Currently, AgLogic™ brand aldicarb is registered by EPA on cotton, dry beans, peanuts, soybeans, sugarbeets and sweet potatoes.

Additional State registrations are added from time to time. Currently state registrations include AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, MO, NC, SC, TN and VA.

Please consult the label, your AgLogic dealer, local extension agent or pest control advisor for detailed information regarding permitted product use in various states.

Cotton Product Information Sheet Peanut Product Information Sheet

We are firmly committed to the responsible and proper labeled use of the product to protect users and the environment, and provide long-term availability of this valuable pest management tool.

AgLogic Chemical, LLC has developed a comprehensive Stewardship program to educate sellers and users and help them strictly adhere to label directions and prevent any misuse of the product.

AgLogic Chemical, LLC limits the sale of its product to state licensed Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) distributors, growers and applicators. As a pre-condition for purchase, all state licensed RUP users are required to complete an online exam and pledge not to misuse the product. AgLogic Chemical, LLC. And its distributors, will aggressively take all precautions and measures deemed important to safeguard proper distribution, application and use of the product.

A comprehensive EPA approved Product Stewardship Plan is currently in place. It is a binding agreement with all involved in the distribution, purchase, handling and application of AgLogic™ brand aldicarb corncob grit 15G and 15GG gypsum formulations.

Education, personal responsibility, and a commitment to safe and proper handling are required. Just as importantly, AgLogic Chemical, LLC requires anyone handling or applying the product safeguard environmental protections, strictly adhere to the label and follow disposal instructions for unused product, from its point of production to field application.

All participants within the Distribution channel must actively support and participate in stewardship efforts.

AgLogic™ brand aldicarb pesticide is manufactured in the USA and meets and/or exceeds the quality and stewardship standards of its predecessor – Temik aldicarb pesticide.

The active aldicarb ingredient concentrations in AgLogic 15G corncob grit and 15GG gypsum formulations are comparable those in the former Temik 15G aldicarb pesticide formulation.

The principal granule being sold in the market at present is the AgLogic 15GG gypsum granule product. There may be some carryover inventory of the AgLogic 15G grit formulation in the market.

Contact your local authorized dealer for support or calibration tubes. Additionally, you can access calibration instructions on the Ag Logic website:

Please note that calibration settings differ between the 15G corncob grit and 15GG gypsum formulations.

Any unused product should be returned to the AgLogic dealership from which it was purchased.

Aldicarb has been registered continuously for more than 46 years by the EPA. That registration has been continued by AgLogic, even after the former registrant discontinued marketing the product.

AgLogic™ brand aldicarb pesticide is subject to the same regulations, including periodic registration review by the EPA, as any other pesticide.

AgLogic™ brand aldicarb pesticide can be applied via hopper boxes. If you are not set up with hopper boxes, check with your local equipment dealer for the proper application equipment.

It depends upon what pests you are trying to control and state and federal labels. Rates vary from 3-5 pounds per acre on cotton for early season insect control.

Post emergent sidedress applications are typically recommended at 5 lbs. per acre for insect control.

Labeled rates for nematode control are generally higher. Please consult the label for detailed information:

AgLogic™ brand aldicarb is registered for control of thrips, aphids, plant bugs, leafhoppers, whiteflies, and other chewing, sucking and piercing insects, and certain mite and nematode species.

“Earliness” or “faster grow-off” means the treated plants will generally progress faster and set fruit earlier than non-treated crops. This can be a distinct advantage at harvest when inclement weather may become an issue.

Nematodes, thrips and the Mexican bean beetle often cause yield reductions in soybean production.

Several nematode species that adversely affect soybeans include the soybean cyst nematode as well as sting and lesion nematodes. AgLogic™ brand aldicarb pesticide has been shown to significantly improve yields in nematode infested fields.

An at planting application of AgLogic protects peanut plants from thrips and nematodes for up to six weeks.

Research has shown that pod set and yields are typically significantly enhanced due to improved pest control and plant vigor when treated with AgLogic™ brand aldicarb pesticide.

Contact your local dealer and consult the product label for specific recommendations.

AgLogic 15GG may be applied to irrigated or dryland registered crops. Moisture from rainfall or irrigation is essential to release the active ingredient and trigger absorption by the roots.

Consult the product label. In general, at-planting applications target early season pests, while sidedress applications are usually applied for additional nematode and whitefly control. Depending on your state, both applications within labeled rates, may be used for ultimate pest protection on certain crops.

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